Multiple backgrounds


When I use multiple backgrounds I must handcode these with CSS.
f.e.: I have 2 svg’s acting as dividers AND a linear-gradient. I must code all of them in CSS. Can’t have 1 in Cwicly and 2 hardcoded.

Also a different background on mobile. I searches this, also in documentation, but strangely enough I couldn’t find this option (?)

Would be great if Cwicly manages this with the possibility of having a “+” just like "style 1 2 & 3 on global panel to setup 3 backgrounds with 1 - 9 backgrounds


I am looking for the ability to assign different background images to different screen sizes - I think that aligns with this feature request.

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Hi @smontreuil ,

This feature request is about having multiple background images per block.

I thinking for responsive backgrounds the following topics may be more in line with what you are wanting:

Responsive background colours have been added recently:

Responsive background images/videos are not yet supported but @Marius provided a way to accomplish it using relative styles:

I am going to raise a dedicated feature request for responsive background images/videos now, since there isn’t one that I can find.

Dedicated feature request now here:

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Thanks @StrangeTech , voted.

my request was also for that. but I’m glad I’m seeing more requests coming by.

Just highlighting this as we hit this limitation while working on a site today.

It will be so great for our clients to be able to swap images via the UI that we have pre-added and positioned for them, so this is a very highly anticipated feature.