Move Items in Grid Builder?

Can I drag and drop items within a grid builder like I do in columns, without coding? I’ve used a container with grid enabled but can’t move items easily. Is this feature available or in development, especially for non-coders? For now, I plan to go back to using columns for this page, since i can not seem to figure out how to move items within the grid builder but I look forward to seeing if this is possible or going to be added.

Hey @ShannaKae,

The docs are a great resource to learn about Cwicly and its features.

The video explains it perfectly.
I recommend to watch the whole thing to know all features of the new grid builder.

Cwicly in general doesn’t introduce half-baked features, so you can be sure that, beside the advanced and “wow, I didn’t know that I need this” stuff, essential functionality is always available.

If you can’t find what you require, please let me know.