Modal does not close on click


I am having trouble to close a modal popup on click. Block ID is correct.

We have also noticed this - for us it works on desktop but not on mobile. Clicking outside of the modal still works. I was going to raise a bug for it after we’d done some more investigation.

You may want to convert this topic into a bug report, so the team will investigate @Paolo.
Tested on my side with an Android device and several browsers with no issues.

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Yes. Same here. Works on desktop. Not on mobile.

We first had the report for iOS, which we were able to replicate with Chrome based browsers.

Hello everyone,

Can you please make sure you’ve cleared your cache server side but also client side?
I cannot currently reproduce this issue.


@Louis, this has been an issue for multiple previous versions of Cwicly, not just the latest one and clearing cache/s did not resolve it.

I am sending you an example of the issue that is currently live via message.

Hello @Paolo,

Please can you modify the tag for the close icon to <button>?


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Hello @Louis

this seems to solve the issue!


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It could be considered to lock or switch automatically to the <button> tag if the link action trigger is set to modal.
Many users do not set this accordingly.
Especially in terms of accessibility, it’s crucial.

Would that be restrictive in any way? I might miss something.

Hello @Marius,

Good point. That’s what I was considering after the multiple messages here.
Just want to make sure we don’t force a behaviour that might be unwanted.

Moving to confirmed bugs.


One light touch behaviour may be - when an action or interaction has been explicitly added to a button with using an <a> tag, that doesn’t have an explicit href defined, for Cwicly to add a void href (e.g. javascript:void). If a user adds a href this can override the implicit on added by Cwicly. If a user changes the tag to button, this would obviously remove the implicit href.

Hello everyone,

This has been addressed in
Thanks for bringing it up.