Message does not vanish after regenerating HTML and CSS

All is in the title :


Environment info

  • WordPress version: 56.1.1
  • Gutenberg Plugin version: N/A
  • Cwicly Plugin version:
  • Cwicly Theme version: 1.0.3

Hi @weedor,

Thank you for the report!

Indeed, the message should disappear after regenerating.
Moving this to confirmed bugs.

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Thank you @Araminta
If it is just a display issue, this is not a big one.

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Hi @weedor,

Thanks for bringing this up :+1:
Addressed in


“Cwicly HTML/CSS regeneration required.” refuses to go away, also finding that any changes to Cwicly Blocks don’t show in preview/frontend unless regeneration is done. Having to regenerate before each preview is a tad annoying (Version ) …

Can confirm.

Can’t confirm. Might be a browser or server caching issue.
After every update I perform a hard refresh, this might fix things for you.

I’m exclusively referring to the situation after installing a Cwicly update.
This is not a persistent issue, like @wmonline appears to face.

Thank you @Marius … I did think of that… also have tried multiple browsers.

I think there is something else going on.

@Louis … are there any known plugin conflicts that we are aware of?

Also, is Cwicly ok with Multisite? This issue recently surfaced network wide on any site with Cwicly installed… makes do difference wether Cwicly Theme is active or not

@Marius, the message will appear after selected updates if a regeneration is recommended.

@wmonline, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’re experiencing. Thanks for specifying this is a multisite installation.

We have quite a few users on multisite installs.
I do believe the notice not disappearing has been reported but I unfortunately haven’t yet had time to debug this precisely.

The fact that you are not seeing changes in the backend seems very unlikely… Could I possibly have a look at this with some temporary access?

Thanks in advance.

have sent temporary access to :