Menu dropdown hidden behind following blocks

Cwicly Plugin version:


A bit surprised than nobody reported this before :wink:

Menu dropdowns should have some default z-index.


Should they? Can’t see why.
An option in the block inspector, why not.

But aren’t you controlling that via the header container anyway?

I’ve played with fixed header, and you’re right, the header needs a z-index anyway :wink:

But in case there is something below the menu in the header as well, I guess the dropdown will be overriden again.

So maybe a default z-index of 1 wouldn’t hurt the dropdown?

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I do agree here, a z-index control for the submenu makes sense.
The menu block can be used anywhere, not only as a classic header menu, and dependent on the setup and design, a more granular control is beneficial.
Especially when it’s used as some kind of standalone element.

If I’m not mistaken, it should be available through Relative Styling anyway, but a dedicated input would be neat.

Wouldn’t mind a default z-index, even though I think it’s not necessary.
Maybe a value that covers some more scenarios.

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Thanks for bringing this up @yankiara, and for your additions @Marius.

The menu block needs a little reviewing in some specific parts to bring it up to date with the other Cwicly blocks, we’re well aware of that. This is definitely a good proposition to go along the dropdown logic that also needs an update.

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