Menu Block Parent Menu Active Link

I have menu that items like this.

Home About Contact.

About has link to its own page. About also has sub menu. when i use menu block and make it as horizontal. the dropdown of submenu works but if i click on about menu item, it will show dropdown, it should go to the page of about page. Dropdown should only trigger if i click on dropdown icon.

Am i missing something?

Hi @kris,

This sounds odd, as on my end, clicking the main menu item (that has sub menu items) works as expected.

To demonstrate, I have set up a demo instance.
Please log in with this, and see the Menu block page.

The Sample Page menu item has a link and submenu items.

Could you possibly share a frontend link of your menu block?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @Araminta its on horizontal format. vertical format works fine. but when it is horizontal it wont work

sorry. what i mean is vertical doenst work
horizontal works fine

its the vertical layout that doesnt work


Thank you for clarifying this, @kris.

Indeed, in the vertical layout, you won’t be able to select your main menu item’s link.
For this, I would suggest using the Nav menu → Nav dropdown blocks instead.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi @Araminta . is there any other way rather than using the nav block? we dont want to have like opening a new element for sub menu. we just want to have accordion like when clicking on menu that has sub menu

@Araminta Hi. any update on this?

@StrangeTech do you have any idea how to achieve this?

If I understand correctly you are wanting a vertical accordion menu.

As @Araminta mentioned starting with the Nav block is probably the optimal approach and then using CSS to customise the submenu display and transition.

I don’t have time to create a demo at the moment, but the above would be how I would approach it.

Alternatively, in the worst case, if the Nav is not what you want for any reason, you can create the accordion structure using Cwicly blocks.

can you create a simple demo on how the nav block can achieve this, the problem with not using nav blocks or menu block is it doesnt track the current page. need to add javascript to achieve it @StrangeTech

Indeed, this is convenient.

As soon as I have time I will, as we have something similar coming up later in the year, but right now my schedule is completely full. I will post here when I have done it, unless someone else provides something in the meantime.