Menu block gap property

Ability to set the gap property for menu items inside the menu block, in case this (or similar approach) is not possible yet.
Using margins always require to reset 1st or last menu item.

Since the menu block received some improvements recently, I want to return to this topic.

Could someone explain me if there is any use case not using the gap property to space out menu items?

These are flex items by default and I see no reason why would someone change that, so the gap property wouldn’t take effect anymore.

Not even talking about a replacement, just an addition.

I can see that using margin does make sense in some cases, but the general menu item margins wouldn’t play a role here anyway, it’s rather individual menu item styling via Relative Styling.

Hello @Marius,

I’m so glad you brought this up again, it somehow got lost in our tracker.
This is implemented in

If you find any issue, I’d be grateful if you could me know.

Thanks again!