Measurement Units

From old feedback:

When using the Typography block options there isn’t any fixed default unit when adjusting the line-height. So when I enter a value of 1, the line-height will be 1, without any unit like “px”.

Why don’t we have this option e.g. in the sizing, layout (position), margin/padding, border-radius, transforms, etc. panels?

Am I missing something, since this should be an available option? Readability is only one of the advantages that comes with it.

I think everyone should be able to “write” CSS in the way you like most and there shouldn’t be any restrictions.

Another thread about this general topic I do support:…

As per “For zero lengths the unit identifier is optional”

I think that in the main settings of Cwicly, it would be great to add a toggle to define the units of elements (Typography, Sizing, Margin & Padding, etc.).
For exemple:

  • Typography size: rem
  • Typography spacing: px
  • Typography height: (nothing)

Then, this default units will be atomatically set in tab “Advanced” of block.

If the user doesn’t want to set anything in the main settings, default of Cwicly units remain.

PS: I use clamp to define the size of fonts, spacing, etc. and it would be great to add a tooltip with the value for every size hovered.

I’m loving this proposition @weedor!
This would be time saving and useful in many cases. Adding it to our to-dos :+1:

Coming back to this.
We are noticing issues where negative values do not have the px unit added by default.

Also, as @Marius has noted several times, a unitless option should be made available as soon as possible.

Hi there,

Moving this to “Done” as unitless values have been possible in Cwicly for quite some time now.

As for Default Units mentioned by @weedor, this has now been introduced in


It is fantastic that you never burry anything!

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Awesome @Louis
I tested the set Default Unit and it’s awesome.


Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!