Measurement Units

From old feedback: Measurement Units | Cwicly

When using the Typography block options there isn’t any fixed default unit when adjusting the line-height. So when I enter a value of 1, the line-height will be 1, without any unit like “px”.

Why don’t we have this option e.g. in the sizing, layout (position), margin/padding, border-radius, transforms, etc. panels?

Am I missing something, since this should be an available option? Readability is only one of the advantages that comes with it.

I think everyone should be able to “write” CSS in the way you like most and there shouldn’t be any restrictions.

Another thread about this general topic I do support:…

As per “For zero lengths the unit identifier is optional”

I think that in the main settings of Cwicly, it would be great to add a toggle to define the units of elements (Typography, Sizing, Margin & Padding, etc.).
For exemple:

  • Typography size: rem
  • Typography spacing: px
  • Typography height: (nothing)

Then, this default units will be atomatically set in tab “Advanced” of block.

If the user doesn’t want to set anything in the main settings, default of Cwicly units remain.

PS: I use clamp to define the size of fonts, spacing, etc. and it would be great to add a tooltip with the value for every size hovered.

I’m loving this proposition @weedor!
This would be time saving and useful in many cases. Adding it to our to-dos :+1:

Coming back to this.
We are noticing issues where negative values do not have the px unit added by default.

Also, as @Marius has noted several times, a unitless option should be made available as soon as possible.