MasterLMS + Woocommerce + Memberships

Hello all,

New to Cwicly! I have a few question as I try to wrap my head around all this. I’m interested in creating a site where I can sell courses, digital assets like e-books, and maybe memberships for a premium blog posts.

For digital assets, i’m thinking of using woocommerce (currently partial integration with cwicly). For lms, I want to use Master LMS (also integrates with woocommerce apparently). And for the blog posts, I want to utilize the PaidMembershipsPro.

Here are my questions:
For MasterLMS:
They state that they are Gutenberg compatible, but work with Elementor or Divi Page builders.
“The lessons’ content can be edited with Gutenberg and using one of the WPBakery or Elementor page builders depending on the choice made during demo import. Also, you can add the lesson’s featured image and set up publishing parameters.”

  • Does this mean I would NOT be able to do anything with Cwicly there?
  • If not, is it possible to design the website with cwicly but design the MasterLMS with basic elementor builder? Sorry, still quite confused with the whole builder architecture and what can and can’t be done.

WooCommerce Integration

  • When they say they integrate MasterLMS with Woocommerce, am I right in assuming that Gutenberg and non-gutenberg version of Woocommerce is the same and, therefore, I would be able to use Cwicly’s woocommerce integration here?

I plan on creating premium access blogs on the site as well. For that I plan on using the wordpress plugin “PaidMembershipsPro”. There again they state that: " * Design your site using popular Page Builders like Elementor, Page Builder by SiteOrigin, Beaver Builder, and Divi. We offer 15 core membership blocks for the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg)."

  • Since they state they offer 15 core blocks for Gutenberg, does that mean that it will integrate nicely with Cwicly?

Sorry for the barage of questions. I’m just trying to make sense of this.

Thanks for any and all help in advance.


Hi Darekl, Have you figured this out yet? I’m using Suremembers and I am missing the restrict blocks option in Cwicly that is normally there in Gutenberg (for non-Cwickly block). f.i: 1 section is not visible when a user is not part of an access group…

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