Masonry Gallery with load more option?

Is this in any way possible? Use Case: vor visitors e.g. 20 images maybe sufficient per Gallery, but when want more to see of a gallery, one can push a show more button

Hi @FZwo,

Unfortunately this isn’t currently possible.
But it sounds like a great idea!

I’ll move this to Feature Requests, so that the team and I can better track this and discuss it internally.

Not many votes on this, a bit underrated this feature from my perspective :wink: Nevertheless, is this still under consideration or dead?

Sorry for not answering sooner, @FZwo.

I want to assure you that this feature is still under consideration and has not been deemed “dead” by any means!

However, it isn’t currently among our top priorities.
We constantly evaluate and prioritise features based on various factors, such as user demand, technical feasibility, and overall product roadmap.

While this particular feature may not be receiving immediate attention, it doesn’t mean it won’t be considered in the future :wink:

Thank you for your understanding.