Masonry gallery option to ignore horizontal items order

** Cwicly Plugin version:**


Bottom of masonry galleries don’t look right to me because of weird empty space.

I don’t know what algorithm is used but I feel that last image or maybe the image before should be in last columns.

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Also, I noticed a bug in the Masonry layout. Row gap is not working.

Here is the screencast:

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Yes I have this issue too.
It is OK on editor load, but as soon as you select the gallery block, row gap disappears.

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And I agree that the items should fill up the space as they can in a Masonry layout.

you are right,
I never noticed because I had a paragraph under my image with a caption, which you could use with empty text in the meantime to create a gap as a temporary fix if you are on the clock.

No problem. I will wait for the fixes. They are fast. :wink:

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Hi @jornes,

Yes, unfortunately this was introduced in the last update. The next one (couple of hours) will have this fixed.
Thanks for reporting this.


Hi @yankiara,

Not sure this can be considered a bug, but definitely something we need to address as an option.

Basically, the current Masonry logic relies on keeping the items in their column position and simply playing with their top position. This was done because we use the same logic for queries Masonry (which one would expect to keep the proper order for posts etc…).

Yes an option would be perfect for situations where we can ignore query order :slight_smile:

Like this:

(Masonry · Options)

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EDIT: Changed title and switch to Feature request


Thanks for the update, @Louis

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Bump @Louis :wink:

There are cases where it looks really strange… An update would be awesome for (ranting) clients.

Hi there @yankiara,

We introduce a layout option in
I’d be grateful if you could let me know how that works out on your end.


It’s actually working but the resulting layout is very unnatural, because it looks like images are sorted out by ratio, so it starts with all landscapes, then more square, and portraits in the end.


I though that only the few last images (something like last two lines) could be reordered, but maybe it’s not enough and maybe it’s too complex.

I guess I prefer having some weird voids than reordering everything like this :wink:

But the option could be convenient in some cases :slight_smile:

I agree that the current way the masonry gallery works is not ideal. (results are not consistent)
For example I have cases where 5 images are getting stacked up on top of each other at the end of the gallery, instead of arranging them in two rows.
And the “best fit” kind of breaks the charm of a masonry gallery. (so not a real substitute to the issues caused by the normal setup)