Maps Block

I was adding a simple map with the Cwicly Maps block. But for some reason, to matter what location I enter the address is not prompted. I even tried Paris, France but it wouldn’t take. I see the white box jump down for a split second like it is to prompt with a correct address, but no google location appears. I know my Google API key is quite locked down. I have to following API’s enabled:

  • Maps Elevation API
  • Maps Embed API
  • Maps JavaScript API
  • Maps SDK for Android
  • Maps SDK for iOS
  • Maps Static API

Is there another I need activated for Cwicly?

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 17.38.07

Hello @hopscotch,

Sorry for not getting back sooner. This does sound unusual, but could be linked to permissions.
I will investigate this in a bit, so please bear with me in the meantime.

Thanks for your patience!


Hello @hopscotch,

Please make sure to also add the Places API to the list of selected APIs :+1:

No worries @Louis. I assumed it was the Places API. Thats the API I removed because we had a huge bill from google with a load of API requests. Something we need to sort out on our end. Former dev had very loose restrictions and no caps

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