Make Virtual Class available globally

I have a suggestion.

Do you think it’s great to make virtual classes available for the entire site so we can use them on any page we want? It’s like global default classes, but we don’t need to create and name them.

This is ideal for those who want to use Cwicly but are less likely to want to create global classes (lazy to name them) when designing their web pages.

Any feedback is welcome.

Hey @jornes.

So, if someone is too lazy to name a global class, how would one rename the randomly generated block class properly?
For the purpose of reusing a class, isn’t that essential?

I think there will be a feature, which allows you to generate global classes with a single click that attaches all of your block styles to it.

There was a community decision, back when the class system received an overhaul.

If I’m not mistaken, this was actually the way how things worked in the past.
I mentioned that over on Discord already, but wasn’t entirely sure you were referring to virtual block classes.


If I correctly understand what you mean, there would be SO MANY (random or renamed) classes in the dropdown… woudn’t there?

And I agree with Marius that unless you rename every random class, it is totally useless, and on the contrary parasiting the dropdown.

Another point is that the block classes are local to the post/page, so selecting them on another post would require to make the CSS global as well. Not sure this is the way to go.

(That’s why I was suggesting in another thread to call these classes “local” rather than “virtual” and to separate them from external since external are available sitewise like global.)

Just act like a global style(without a custom global class)

The dropdown can display a few classes in the dropdown, and then the rest are searchable. So, you won’t see SO MANY classes in the dropdown.

Yes that is a good idea for egonomics.

But I’m afraid that maintaining a global list of all block classes with associated CSS is a bit too much when you can easily create a global class for this.

Besides, I can already see performance issues appearing with large sites…

Too many (major) downsides.
Since we have global classes, no need for it anymore.
Vast majority decided against it, so it was changed - for many good reasons.

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