Maintenance Page

This is actually a feature which is important to focus a bit more attention on getting fully completed - as it is very useful in the typical discussion about "So what can Cwicly do that the other x, y and z cannot.

This functionality is a very good and easy argument to use - especially if we can then just add - and you only have to change a switch, then it works for you.

It makes the argument a bit harder having to add "you just have to learn how to use templates, setting up Advanced Custom Fields, adding a new snippet etc. - then you can use this functionality :slight_smile:

Many people will equate these things with “learning how to code” - and at that point we might simply loose them. Many people need to be given an “easy start” - and then they can progress later.

What about redirecting everything to home URL when activating coming soon or maintenance templates?

Or maybe just rewrite URL in browser address bar?

@MichaelCph, regarding having two coming soon templates, perhaps having an enhanced Cwicly starter child theme containing these would be a good starting point?

That way every site you create these will already be in place and ready to customise, at least saving you one step in the process for now.

@StrangeTech I would think that could be an appropriate way to do it - but I don’t have much view on how best to implement it technically. But for a non technical user, it will probably be much easier to just flip a button, rather than having to install an “enhanced Cwicly starter child theme”.

Especially when even the very simple child theme, consisting just of basic style.css, functions.php and screenshot.png files, are still not available under the account page. It was promised back in December: dashboard - Add child theme & make links obvious

@MichaelCph, of course, I am simply presenting a short term solution that works with how things are now to increase efficiency of setting up new sites quickly with coming soon pages based on your requirements.

The default blank slate child theme as is will always require additions to be more useful, and this can be one of those, which perhaps if enough people use it can be added when Cwicly release their own “enhanced” versions at some point.

Regardless of how Cwicly may implement a switch to turn on coming soon or maintenance, the templates used will have to come from somewhere, so they will either have to be there by default in the theme, dynamically generated by the plugin, or manually created by the developer.

In this case, I’m saying perhaps being in the theme is the fastest way to make it usable across different sites in the meantime.

@StrangeTech Thanks - appreciate your feedback.

@StrangeTech and @Louis I think Spectra might just have seen this new great functionality in Cwicly and decided to implemented it as a switch on their settings/Coming Soon page :-):

They just sent out an e-mail yesterday (25 March), linking to their 21 March article, which describes a rather simple process (without ACF though), where you create a new page, import a template, customize the template etc. and then enable (link to it) under Settings.

Seems somewhat similar to some of the process which was shown in the great video introduction from Cwicly:

This process is very easy for most people to implement.

Just wanted to let you know about how others are implementing this.

Cheers @MichaelCph, we actually tested this out when after the Spectra rebrand when it was in Beta and then when the first version came out and at that time, the coming soon feature did not work for us with a clean WordPress install and the page we selected wasn’t shown.

Given this recent promotion, perhaps they have ironed out all the kinks and got it fully working now.