Maintain the toggle state of ID/Class visibility when selecting blocks

Currently whenever you click to a different block, the class/id panel switches back to class mode.

If you are quickly adding IDs to multiple blocks this can be frustrating.

It will be great to be able to maintain the last toggled state when selecting a new block.

Default behavior should definitely be as it currently is.

But I also can see users who would prefer it the other way.
Especially when a user styles primarily ID’s.
In this case, Cwicly would literally be unusable for them.

As soon as styling ID’s has been introduced, I think that should be an option too.

Although I would never use that option, I still vote for it.

Hi @StrangeTech,

I haven’t practiced the new UI enough yet, but I agree with @Marius, keeping the ID selected will be annoying or at least awkward most of the time, IMHO. I mean right now.

When ID styling is introduced, I think advanced setting should provide an option to set default state when switching, because it would be too dangerous to keep selected state between blocks, as we could wrongly style an ID/class.

A setting to toggle the current behaviour and persistence is the perfect solution that gives everyone what they need.

The only time we have needed to set IDs is for interactions and the only time multiple IDs have been required is for grids with static content. For this specific use case, the behaviour will be invaluable.

Exactly what we were thinking. Even with only a dozen items per grid it quickly became frustrating, so definitely worthwhile to have this option.