Login form

Is a login form something you want to be added to Cwicly? How customisable would you want it to be?

Native to the Cwicly environment (theme), that includes log-in/out, register, lost password and OTP functionality.
There are so many existing examples to explore and see how their Login Forms function like:
PiotNet, WP Profile Builder, JetFormBuilder etc.

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Please provide the login block and register block separately for more info please refer to below image.

Could you please elaborate why there should even be dedicated blocks for it, rather than composing it by yourself with all provided (future) form elements?

I would appreciate if things went rather the design library route in the future.
There is the necessity, which I can see as well for some blocks, especially when there is user interaction and accessibility involved.
For instance, the upcoming mega menu and dropdown block, as well as the already introduced tab and accordion block.
The difference here, no (or close to none) predefined custom CSS is required.

Especially since Cwicly is currently in the process removing block defaults, I can’t see how this could fit together.

I mean, there is the possibility to introduce dedicated blocks that could work similar to the menu block. But being honest, I’d rather see something which I can control entirely on the canvas, element per element.