List block improvement(s)

Well, I find the list block is kind of limiting.
While it is fully sufficient it its current state, doing basic stuff, you instantly get stuck when having some advanced things in mind.

My suggestion:
Add list items to the list bock, similar as column items inside the columns block.
These list item blocks will be entirley independent, so you can do anything you have in mind - including styling, link wrapper, interactions, etc.
Want a horizontal list? Just set flex(-direction) and gap properties to the list block. So many possibilities.

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So, I want to give an update here, as things have changed since the last version that includes an improved/extended list for block (HTML) tags.

We now can create lists, menus, etc. semantically correct with all the freedom Cwicly has to offer by now.
After testing a couple of things I am confident that there are no restrictions which will limit you, at least not in a way that forces you to stop your process. By now I didn’t face anything.
This is possible either with the columns block or just by using Div’s that now support <ul/ol> and <li> tags.

One last thing is still left, to make this solution as clean as the list block itself and that would be the ability to remove classes and ID’s from blocks.
I know it’s in the making, I’m really looking forward to that but it is not something which is personally urgently needed NOW.

The button block could also feature custom tags, when the link wrapper is not active.
This would be a very clean solution for list items with icons, for example.
So you could either use it as <li> items or just push them one level down when using them with a link wrapper.