Linking images and videos in the same lightbox


I’m facing an issue linking images and videos in the same lightbox…

The images on the page are all single Cwicly image blocks with lightbox toggle ON (not galleries or lightbox action links).
The videos are all activated by a lightbox action link.

When I click on an image, lightbox is activated and I can properly browse all images and videos on the page with prev/next buttons.

But when I click on a video link, video correctly opens in a lightbox, but then I can’t browse because there are no prev/next buttons in the lightbox.

So it seems that image lightbox can detect and link all other lightbox media on the page but that lightbox action can’t.
There is actually a gallery name field in video lightbox, but NOT on images lightbox, so I don’t know which gallery name I have to use.

So how can we correctly link all media to the same lightbox when clicking on a video link?

Hi @yankiara,

Thanks for bringing this up.
We’ve addressed this in by allowing users to either:

  • Remove the Gallery Name value from the Lightbox Action (this will allow your element to access all other media)

  • Add a Gallery Name to the Image block

If you have any more additions you’d like to see added, I’d be grateful if you could let me know by replying to this thread.


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