Line Height Unitless Values

How can I set a UNITLESS declaration in the line-height field in the global typography settings panel? I don’t know what to put there, it seems to insist that I pick some unit value. When I try to add 1.5, it thinks I mean pixels. I don’t want to use 150%. I want to use just 1.5.

Is this possible?

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I think it’s a known bug if I remember correctly, which occurs when entering decimal values.
Waiting for a fix as well.

I came up with a stop-gap solution. I set --lh: 1.5 as a custom property on the body in the stylesheet and then applied var(–lh) as a value in the line-height field for the custom body typography. Seems to work fine.

Just double checked and seems to be another issue inside the global styles panel.
Seems like it’s not possible to enter a unitless value at all.

Thanks for sharing your workaround.

Hello @Drewcifer,

This should be fixed in the latest release 1.1.9.
Thanks for bringing this up.

Please let me know if you’re still experiencing issues.