Lightweight slider


I have noticed that Swiper.js is used by Cwicly for the slider block. It’s the most powerful and feature rich too. Can we have another slider element with a lightweight slider library? Not powerful but very basic for use cases like a simple rotating text slider.

Bricks builder have options for two slider libraries right now - swiper.js (144kb) and splide.js (30kb). Splide.js is a lightweight & modern slider library.

I suggest keeping the current slider as Swiper.js but also adding Splide.js as an option or may be replacing swiper with splide.js

Replacing the current slider is not an option, of course.
Not sure if Splide.js would be a right fit in case a 2nd slider will be considered.
It could be the sweet spot for quite a few use cases though.

But I do think there are plenty of block options missing currently.
Swiper.js is really powerful, but that comes at the cost of its size.

So, at least this code needs to find its way to Cwicly in a reasonable amount of block options.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine as it is. I just feel so much more would be possible.
The less code of a library is used, the more dead code mass is carried.

But I do share your point here @dranzer.
I will have hard times as soon as I need a slider functionality for very basic use cases.
There is no way I can justify the current slider block for something simple like 3-4 testimonials.

At some point the general slider situation could be reviewed.
Not urgent at all, this can be picked up in a free moment.
Until then, why not collecting some more thoughts from the community?

Yes. This is not an urgent request. Let’s see what feedback we get on this request. Meanwhile I am using few lines of js code for the basic text slider.

I am a bit of a performance freak and that is the main reason I don’t like sliders and try to avoid them as much as possible. Of course, it is great if there is one in case you need it. But I also wish there was a very basic lightweight slider for text or testimonials because fully featured swiper.js feels overkill for me in this case. Not familiar with splide.js, but it seems ok from a first look.

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