License Transfer

Hi, after designing the website for clients and migrate to their hosting I want to remove my license keys and input my client keys, I am encouraging my clients to purchase Cwicly.

About the licensing concern, I have something to say.

The number of site activation should not be visible on the setting page, and replace the My Account button with a Disconnect instead. So I can disconnect my license from the client’s site and use their own license(if they insist to have a license themselves).

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Hi there,

You can change the license information by replacing license-data.php at the root of the Cwicly plugin folder. That will automatically refresh the license information.


Hey @Louis
How about the site activation? And also the expiration date of the license. Is it better to hide them from the site? :slight_smile:

If the client uses our license, they don’t need to know how many sites have activated with our Cwicly license and when our license expires.

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100% Yes I agree. I am also thinking the same.

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Another agree! This shouldn’t be public knowledge :slight_smile: (especially on the agency plan)

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Hi @Louis
Any ideas about this?

I removed my client site from my Cwicly dashboard after refreshing license It appeared again in Cwicly dashboard it should not happen like this right? My client purchased his license I had to replace license and email from this file license-data.php

You can just replace the plugin to replace the license.
But didn’t check if any data remain inside the database.

Hi @jornes,

We will be moving our subscription solution to a more direct and controlled one in the coming weeks, so this should also allow our users to manager more specifically whitelists/blacklists. The license key will be used, but we won’t be displaying as much information on the dashboard.

That shouldn’t happen indeed. Make sure to replace the license-data.php file before removing the domain from the Cwicly dashboard.

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