License handling

I want you let know something that worries me a little.
It’s the license-thing.

While almost every plugin is not getting updates anymore, it is usable after license expiration. Cwicly can’t be used without an active license. Frontend stays intact but nothing can be edited and maybe generating css cache will stop working too.

I have no probem paying for Plugings I use. It’s not a money thing. But it makes me a bit nervous that it could be possible to loose access to the content and functionality if something happens in the future. It’s more a thing of “owning” something i’ve paid for and being in control.

Do you understand my concern @Louis ?

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Hello @michelyweb,

I’m sorry to hear that this is troubling you.

Have you experienced this yourself?
To make things clear: if you have, or have had, a license with us, you will be able to use Cwicly throughout your installation, both on the backend and the frontend.
The only limitation with licenses that haven’t been renewed is the fact that you will not be able to update or receive support from us.
Expired licensed ≠ no license

Once again, if your experience defers from this, then please let us know so that we can see what might be going wrong.


Thank you for the clarification.
To be sure: So in the future when the Cwicly servers or license-handling could change, installations with expired licenses will still work?

Hello @michelyweb,

License verifications are still in place after expiration to confirm that status. If there is a change in how we handle license verification, we will do the necessary to provide updates to versions that don’t have the latest logic in place.