License check improve performance

Hi. It seems to be the license check via rest api is done everytime when I navigate a page related to cwicly whether it’s the block editor or the settings page. It slows down the loading. May be check can be done once and cached for a week.

Hi @dranzer,

When are you experiencing this exactly?

@Louis Hi Louis. I am experiencing this on all pages where Cwicly is loaded. Best example is to open Cwicly Settings or Themer page. It takes upto 10 seconds to load on a fast VPS. Bricks related pages and their builder loaded under max 2 seconds on the same site. I am running PHP 7.4 right now. I’ll upgrade to PHP 8.1 this weekend and share access with you.

Hi @dranzer,

This sounds highly unusual, there must be something going wrong somewhere.
I’ve yet to experience this, even on low end shared installations. is a good example.

@Louis I am investigating further. It seems to be happening only when woocommerce is activated. I’ll get back to you soon on this.

Something related to woocommerce. I am closing this for now. I’ll check back when you release official woocommerce support.