Landing page showcase site

There are a few different sites I use when looking for design inspiration - most of which feature fancy homepages.

But when it comes to building funnels (think landing pages, checkouts, thank you pages, opt-ins etc), it’s hard to find any good resources.

So I decided to use Cwicly and build my own.

What I thought could be a weekend project ended up becoming a little beast of its own (as always), but I’m finally ready to launch it.

Check it out:


Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing a walk-through video of the backend?

I’m also planning to add new entries to the site daily in case you find the site useful for your own work :slight_smile:


Congrats. Your site looks great! You made it look easy. I like the dynamic filter.

Copywriting suggestion: Change, “Discover beautifully designed sales funnels.” to “Discover beautiful sales funnels”. It accomplishes the same goal with fewer words, and avoids a word that ends in -ly. Consider removing the period at the end, since the headline is a fragment.

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Interesting project, congrats on the launch.
Will keep an eye on it.

Two things I noted on my end:

  • newsletter is not working
  • convertful script takes Ø 11sec to load
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Thanks! Yeah admittingly the copywriting was a bit of an afterthought on this one (for now). Just wanted to see if it gains any traction before dedicating more time perfecting things.

Hmm strange, I wonder if they were having server issues. It loads in a couple hundred milliseconds for me. Does the newsletter still not work for you? (I haven’t changed anything).

Nice site, and very inspiring, bookmarked :slight_smile:

Both the newsletter and script loading issue appear to be fine now.
Probably 3rd party server issues - that was my guess too.

In my case, it would’ve been a lost lead.
Might be worth monitoring, also in terms of SEO.

Yeah, it’s a little concerning that it happened.

I’ve used Convertful for a few years (funny enough, I used to be a minority partner before it got acquired) and have always had a good experience, but maybe that’s something I should keep an eye on.

I don’t have Delay JS setup for this site yet, but it’s usually something I would include to have delayed so that it doesn’t factor into pagespeed tests anyways.

Though I’d imagine the impact would only be significant if it actually affected the layout of the page.

Thanks dude!