Kindly thoughts about cwilcy

as i can see still have many users would like to use cwilcy but they can not find a way, so i have Two kind thoughts for cwilcy .

  1. Suggest Louis to lunch a Cwicly INVITED POLICY to let more smart people to use cwicly. INVITED POLICY means people who want to buy cwicly , must find a user (who already using cwicly) to give them a invited code. then cwicly PRO do not sale in public, only sale in private one by one.

  2. Cwicly send out a free version with declaration( do not provide customer services or any relative promise), May be, need not to send free version on WordPress official plugin store at begining, in order to avoid the comments and supports issue.

Then cwicly can only focus on development and innovation to provide advanced products totally in control freely, and avoid the problems of heavily services and supports struggling.

Market leading products have legs itself(cwicly was,is and will be),
People are always seeking good things(but no none provide),

so it will be have enough paid users

A Faithful & loyal user


Hi all !

I have been a user of Cwicly for 2 years. I truly want to see Cwicly continue to evolve. It is truly the most professional and flexible page builder for Gutenberg that I have ever used


People, please understand: Cwicly is dead. It is currently in zombie status. But dead.

You can’t ride a dead horse and hope to get somewhere.

Cwicly deserves to continue

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are you sure? it will be dead? this is so sad if so. i remember Louis said PAUSED

Louis wrote its statement titled „Discontinuation of Cwicly development“. Not „pause“ but „discontinuation“. It makes me sad because of all known reasons but it is what it is.

Every time I visit Cwicly’s website, I hope the announcement no longer appears and they start selling again. I hope to see this day someday. Cwicly is a great tool, and it deserves to continue forever and become very popular in the future.

I hope Louis will seriously reconsider this. Don’t take the nonsense feedback or attacks from those so-called influencers seriously. Haters are going to hate.


@jornes I think it was also to do with sales. Profitability. I have moved to Bricks and to achieve similar functionality I have had to get 2 additional plugins. For SASS a third plugin… It lacks the intuitiveness of Cwicly. For some reason Bricks became more adopted, probably due to the negative reputation of Gutenberg.

Unfortunately, these individuals have too much power.
There is no opposition and counterweight anymore.

They built a religion around their own products and destroy whatever gets dangerous to their own businesses.
In this environment, it’s impossible to grow and establish a business if you get attacked by these guys.

It’s a cult.

But the team didn’t work against it either, so many things they did wrong.
They can’t blame others when they ignored 99% of the misinformation and lies.

Even their own users were reproved by them so many times when defending Cwicly and speaking out in a way that was required in these situations.
Now, we all see the result of “being respectful” to these people with all their lies and manipulation tactics.

Imagine someone stabs a knife in your back and you respond with:
“Thank you so much, I expected it to hurt more.”

They committed suicide and pushed their own users away who tried to prevent it.

I’ve said it somewhere else, and I fully agree with you here.
Gutenberg is not in the state, and isn’t accepted by people in a way, Louis expected/hoped for.
It’s still niche and will take a long time until this changes. Time they do not have.

Also, what doesn’t help either.
Above mentioned individuals are actively working against Gutenberg, because they lose money when people using it instead of tools where the masses are.

It’s a situation, if you aren’t prepared, you’ll just be eaten. And that is what happened.
They are sensitive artists, not unscrupulous business people.
It was doomed to failure, because they never could handle criticism.
Their 2-3 tries didn’t even cover 1% of the whole thing.

I’m grateful that they ended it now instead of bringing more and more people into greater difficulties.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish them all the best and hope they are all fine.
They are and always will be an inspiration to me.
At least from a personal view, that excludes all the damage they have done.

Hi @Marius, I hope this message finds you well. Are you still utilizing cwicly? Have you managed to find a resolution or a way out of current situation?

Hey @kane.

For personal small-mid projects, I will.
But being responsible for client projects, this should be avoided at all costs - unless you give a shit about your clients.

Fortunately, I’m not dependent on visual site building, so I have some options.
There is just no other tool that comes close to Cwicly, and there won’t be for years, so I’m done (again) with WP. At least for now. I need a break from this anyway, after everything that happened in the last 1-2 years or so.

That’s a good thing for me, because of the above mentioned situation that we currently have in the WP community. Things got so worse, when it actually should be the opposite thanks to all of the innovation we are facing.
The wrong people took over and have harmed the community in a massive and probably irreversible way, at least to some extent.
As long as these individuals are part of it, I refuse to contribute in any way.

Wish you all the best and hope you find your way.


If there was on the internet a single huge, total, exhaustive, positive review, demonstrating with irrefutable technical arguments and examples how Cwicly is leaps and bounds above the other builders… maybe Cwicly would have more users…
I am a noob, but i bought, tested and used Cwicly for some simple personal projects.
I consumed all the content available about Cwicly on Youtube and I read all the reviews.
But and found out about how extraordinary Cwicly really is only after people with more knowledge than me detailed the technical advantages while lamenting the death of Cwicly here and on facebook.
Why no one in the community made an aggressive and well argumented comparison with Bricks and other builders, showing Cwicly overwhelming superiority, years ago?
Maybe if done so, there would be a better cash-flow, more new users, more noobs sitting on the fences would have jumped into the steep learning curve of Cwicly instead of choosing other builders…
Maybe if done now, would help Cwicly survive?

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Facts and the truth doesn’t count anymore. That’s not a WP specific thing though.
It’s all about what you get told. And those who have the biggest reach dictate the “truth”.

The major issue in this (the visual building) community is that vast majority essentially lack in knowledge. That is fine, but they believe everything, if presented in a convincing way, because they just don’t know better and they are happy someone is leading them. As mentioned above, they made it a religion and everyone in that bubble follow like blind sheep and defend opinions which are marketed as facts with their lives.

What do you suggest to do against it?
The best thing one can do is withdrawal from this cancerous environment.

I can only speak for myself, but the WP community had a negative mental impact to me in the last 12-18 months.
It’s a difficult situation when you are daily confronted with greedy liars who receive considerable support from their communities.

It really can make you sick. So I’m glad I also can close this topic now and moving forward to other things that (hopefully) make me things enjoy again.


Totally agree.

I’m switching full native FSE right now, and it is a real pleasure to find out that Gutenberg is actually very fluid, customizable and powerful (OK, a bit bloated, but step by step you can get rid of a lot of things), and to stay away from the hype. The community is also much healthier (github) and it sometimes reminds me of the goof old time here.

Back to the basics with vanilla HTML/PHP/CSS/JS and shortcodes, we’ve been scammed/spoiled for such a long time :wink:


I have a situation were my superiors want the websites to be completely editable visually. That, and the approved design I have for the next project has a massive mega menu in it that would take me ages to handcode. I am under pressure at this point. And there a many other websites that need rebuilding.

In an ideal situation I would like to get back to custom theme development but to use FSE I will have to learn React. Classic theme development is doable and for smaller projects that is what I will default to.

It’s all about time and how much I have. If I had the time I would master FSE.

Yes, there is a cultish following to some WP Builders.

How is this working out for you?

Are you authoring blocks via React by writing code? Or are you utilizing some other tool?

i do not understand, wordpress is opensource , cwicly did good work on it, people like to use cwicly, so business can going on, do not need anyone agree or not agree, right? why need to worry about they happy or not happy.

hope the announcement no longer appears

me too

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I have been looking into this myself. With WP 6.5 core block building is becoming more and more applicable for development. I found 2 courses on Udemy to learn the basics with Wordpress custom block development and React and Javascript. You create a theme or plugin with your custom blocks. You can also edit core blocks. Adding controls & defaults for blocks is relatively straight forward with the themes.json/blocks.json file.

I would only advise this route if you have to previous development experience not just builders.

I still have never heard or seen any socalled influencers talking bad about Cwicly.
I v seen some being concerned about their decisions.
But most have only had positivity to say about the only real gutenberg pagebuilder.