Keeping old folder structure (images) on a fresh installation

Maybe my request is OT at this point (then please delete).

The following scenario: I have an existing website. I would like to rebuild this with Cwicly to familiarize myself with the plugin on a real project. Of course, I would also like to compare page load speeds later to get an idea of which system I am better off with here. If I can do this to my satisfaction, I would of course like to replace the page for real - which would make me happy.

An important point for me here is SEO. The existing site is for example very well listed in image search. Is it possible to keep the old folder structure (images are stored in year and month folders) with a fresh Wordpress installation? Someone did this before?

Did it once for a client, also for SEO reasons.
You basically need to copy the entire upload folder content from your old installation, paste it to your new one, both via FTP client, server file manager or whatever. Then you need to register the files so WP is able to pick them up / reflect them inside the backend.

You should check this article.
Unfortunately, there wasn’t such tutorials at the time, so this is not what I have done in detail, but the issues I faced are addressed there as well.
In my case I additionally had to regenerate the thumbnails, there is another dedicated plugin available for this. Not sure how it’s handled here, using the required plugin.

You should remove the plugin after you are done, it was not updated for more than 2 years so I would be careful. According to recent reviews, functionality is still given.

In case you get stuck anywhere or you proceed successfully, please update here.
Happy to help but also curious for potential use cases in the future.

I think (at least this is my understanding) this forum is for any issue/problem/question Cwicly users are facing regarding the tool itself or its environment (WP).
However, the topic “General” fits more here in my opinion.

That is great - the article is pretty good.

Not necessary here, all files are generated. In my case it takes some extra-time because the generated files are optimized by imagify (size and webp) on the fly.

Your answer was very helpful! Thank you.

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Thanks for updating @Mario, really appreciated.
Pretty sure I will return here at some point :sunglasses:

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