Just Curious What makes Cwicly Forums Busy

I have owned and belonged to over five page builders forums both on Facebook and discourse. Amongst all, Bricks and Cwicly bubbles the most. Why is it so?
My thoughts-

  1. The characters behind the page builders. People love them because of their approach. They may not be the most intelligent but users feel they are available and valuable
    (I have been thinking of what is common between Louis of Cwicly and Thomas of Bricks. Do you think there is any?)
  2. Freedom to build as you like. Do whatever you can imagine the way you like/want it(apart from Woocommerce)
  3. Woocommerce. Among the strong selling points of many page builders is Woocommerce. Check others without Woo and see how they are struggling. In fact, I
    jumped into Cwicly when I read through and saw that it has repeater, div, class, and Woocommerce. Though Woocommerce is still far from being real in Cwicly but we are keeping hope alive.
    On a lighter mood, Our beloved Louis did what I consider magic in Cwicly - Update 1.2.9 - WooCommerce :laughing:. I don’t know who has been able to replicate or do more than that and if not many, it amounts to little or no effect and improvement. We are eager to start deploying Cwicly Woocommerce massively. By so doing Cwicly will be highly showcased in all areas of application. Nevertheless, the demonstration raised our hope to the high heavens :laughing:. Our able Louis, remember you promised this “What we’ll do is update the Cwicly sandbox and
    add WooCommerce. I’ll then set the design template on it and share the installation here” on this topic Cwicly - Update 1.2.9 - WooCommerce: Let’s discourse.
    It will help demystify some of the areas I consider magic on Cwicly - Update 1.2.9 - WooCommerce.

I see many of these forums staying 3 days to 2 weeks without activity. Dear Cwicly nobles, what are your thoughts?


I feel the most important reason is the availability and helpfulness of the Cwicly team. Even members do their best to help out. I am able to write about my issues, thoughts or ask for suggestions without any hesitation here. I know that I’ll get a proper solution or direction without being ignored. I also know that my suggestions will not be discarded easily and given a thorough thought by the team. I have wrote to Louis & Araminta at various points and have always got prompt responses. It is very rare to see such communication. I can only recollect few people who are such active and have this never ending source of motivation to do better each day.


Waooo, I love this. It is really good to know.

I haven’t forgotten. While I have been caught up in a few things, part of that promise has already been fulfilled :wink:

Feeling mentioned haha …

Yep, beloved …