It's not possible to add block into Comments query template

In template, add a query and set it for Comments.


Then try to add any block inside the Query Template


But it never goes in. Always out of Query template.


If Query is set to any other type (not Comments), everything is working properly.

WP and Cwicly are up-to-date.

Hi @Audrius,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.

Could you possibly confirm that you have at least one comment on this post?
If there aren’t any comments on the post, it won’t be possible to add blocks to the query template as there is nothing to query.

However, if you have comments on other posts, please make sure to reset the Post ID setting that you currently have set to “Current Post” so that you can build your query. Once you have completed building the query, you can set it back to “Current Post.”

Please let me know if this helps.

I do not have any comments anywhere. It’s a new project and I do not have UI for commenting. If I build a comment form and try to post comment, I get this error. It happens on different browsers and computers.


Form is built based on the youtube video here:

Now I’m totally confused as I have a chicken and egg problem.

This sounds unusual as I cannot reproduce your error on my end, on a new installation.
Perhaps there is an error in the way your form has been set up.

You should be able to add a comment by either:

  • Importing one of the comment designs from the Cloud Design Library and adding a comment through the comment form
  • Using WordPress’ comments block to add a comment

I have tested both suggested solutions. Comment form from Cloud failed the same way.

WP comments block “Post Comments Form” has done its job without any problems.

Ok, I have found the problem by analysing the default WP form.
Youtube video says to set the form ID to “respond”. The same value is set in a form from Cloud Library.

But native WP form ID is “commentform”. Changing ID from “respond” to “commentform” solved the problem. Now my and Cloud Library forms are working well as they should be.


I know that keeping up-to-date documentation for the software product is a pain in the a… I would like to suggest a solution for you. Please, check, or

They all do the same. Watches how you work and translates your actions into written step-by-step guides and screenshots. Building and managing know-how guides becomes a very easy and fast process (it’s about minutes, not hours).

By sharing this I hope for more nice howto guides from Cwicly in a near feature. :smiley:

As I haven’t been able to reproduce your issue on my end, I have set up a demo instance.

You can log in with this.
Please see the Comment test page.

Thank you for your suggestion on how to improve our documentation process.
However I am confused as to why you assume that our documentation is out-of-date.
Could you possibly share what leads you to say this?
Thank you in advance.

I do not know why in your case ID “respond” is working and in my case it should be set to “commentform”. On your demo site both ways are working well.


Regarding the documentation. Out-of-date are youtube videos only. They have outdated UI, but it’s possible to figure out what is going on. Problem is, that part of the documentation is on a video only.

Video is not a good format for documentation, because it’s hard to follow. Especially when it contains a lot of details. Play, pause, play, pause, rewind, play, pause, play, forward, pause, play, pause, play, pause… Also, try to make a search for something you already saw on a video, but do not remember how exactly it was done. Good luck with it. :frowning:

I understand that to build howtos is a complicated process and shooting video is a fast solution for product owners, but it’s not the best solution for the product user. This is why I suggest you check these tools. Because by doing the same actions as shooting video, you will have video, and written documentation with screenshots too. :+1:

Araminta, I think you can cancel it as a bug. Because in your demo both ID variants are working correctly, while in my only one, but still working.

Thank you for your feedback on our older videos.
We understand that written documentation with screenshots is a more effective way to convey information to our users.
We will definitely take your suggestions into consideration and work on improving our documentation to make it more accessible and user-friendly.

Thank you for confirming it works on the demo, @Audrius.

Would it be possible for you to provide a temporary access to your installation so we may see why this would be happening?
Thank you in advance.

@Araminta What is the status here ? It is set to checking.

Just realizing the potential of the Comments class in cwicly - especially adding ACF fields and adding filters to comments like posts and other types. Also Using Karma, which takes input form … ? a custom made rating-field from ACF ?

Could you provide steps for making a basic textarea-field, setting the right location in ACF and then inputting and outputting in the comments-templat and comments query ?

Thank you.

Probably better to use custom post type in case of six hat thing and stuff like that.