Item image in mini cart

the item image of mini cart, just show feature image ,

but for the print on demand product, need show the design of customer,

have any way to solve it
(have some problem for the new woo cart block)

Hi @timchen,

Currently, the mini cart product image relies on WooCommerce’s cart thumbnail.

As we’re not familiar with what you’re using, is there a function that would allow us to access it?

Thank you in advance.

design product here,
then check mini cart and cart page,
you will see the different

Thank you for the frontend link, @timchen.

As I mentioned above, Cwicly doesn’t do anything specific within the mini cart, but relies on the context provided by WooCommerce.

It would seem that the plugin you’re using isn’t correctly extending the cart context in order for the thumbnail to display the image as shown in the cart page.

I would suggest to reach out to the plugin’s author, and ask them to extend the cart context, as detailed here:

Thank you for your understanding.

I’ll move this to General, as it isn’t a bug.