Issues with accordion page scroll

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Accordion page scroll looks a bit erratic…

With 3 accordions (pretty long content), open the first one, then at the bottom of the content, click on the second one. Page scroll doesn’t go up to second accordion header but stops half the way up.

Now click on 3rd accordion header, accordions content swap from 2 to 3, but page doesn’t scroll.

Sometimes it seems to work though, but it is kinda random…

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Hi @yankiara,

Please make sure that your containing element does have overflow: hidden; applied if the content is large than the page height.

We have added a scroll into view check in


Sorry but it is even worse than before the fix.
Now accordion items just disappear after closing :wink:
For instance, if I open accordion 1 and switch to 2 or 3, accordion 1 disappears.

Looks like there’s some shift upwards:

NOTE: Accordions are nested inside a query, and I’ve set overflow: hidden on query template.

Hi @yankiara,

Apologies for that! should provide an appropriate fix for page scrolls.