Issues with 1.2.7

There seems to be some issues with the last update.
On some websites, the html regenerating part doesn’t help with recovering the layout.
I manually need to go to each page and hit the attempt recovery block and save the page in order to recover.
Biggest issue seems to be with reusable blocks. Some are not recovering at all.

Hello @alex,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with 1.2.7.
Can I ask if you have cleared your cache on the Settings page when Regenerating the HTML?

Also, can you see if there are any errors that appear in the browser console?

Thanks in advance.

The cache was cleared, just not in that specific order.

The errors are all like, for specific blocks:
Block validation: Block validation failed for cwicly/div (Object
Content generated by save function:

Manual recovery for the reusables works when done from their menu (/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=wp_block).

The block validation errors are normal (there should be a notice that they are being recovered).
But what you are experiencing is not normal as we process reusable blocks and template parts at the same time.

Is the process going through all items with the green tick at the end?

Only with reusable blocks? Or more generally?

Do some websites recover the reusable blocks normally or is this generalised to all the websites you’re dealing with?

Just two website I have updated at this point.
One went without issues (just needed the html regenerate) but it was a more simple website and built recently. (after 1.2+)

This one with issue is an older one and more “complex”. (reusable blocks, shortcodes, lots of sections & templates)

I managed to recover all blocks at this point.

  • most of the block recovered from clicking the attempt recovery block;
  • most reusables didn’t recovered following the procedure above directly from the page, but worked from the reusable menu;
  • some didn’t recovered at all (non reusable ones) while being wrapped inside a column,
    but managed to save them by moving the content outside the columns, recover them afterwards, and then create new columns and move the content back.

Hello @alex,

Once again, apologies for the time spent recovering the blocks manually, this is definitely not what is intended.
We’re looking into this as the HTML regeneration process works like the previous versions (although it modifies some of the content in more depth) and should not necessitate manual intervention.

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