Issues inside editor

Wordpress: 6.5
Cwicly Plugin version:


Different clients report some issues since WP 6.5 update.

1- In Gutenberg desktop breakpoint:

  • There is a problem with post title overriden by Cwicly’s breakpoints display.
  • It seems that a wrong dark background is applied to title because of Cwicly’s dark mode, so title is hardly readable.

2- In all breakpoints:

With Cwicly completely deactivated on specific post types, Cwicly’s topbar and breakpoints are still active.

Here with this setting, topbar still appears in posts:

We should be able to completely shutdown Cwicly for the desired post types.

3- Style rendering seems to be slower than before and it takes a few seconds to correctly render a post, even when no Cwicly blocks are used.

(But at the same time, categories and featured images in right panel seem to be also delayed, so it might come from Gunteberg as well…)


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