Issue with stacking divs


outer div is shaped (see attached), inner divs should be visible, z-settings are ascending from outer to inner divs. Does not work (see screenshots)

Remark: I tried to replicate what I have done with generate blocks (see screenshot how it should look like), it is within the same site

Settings: Theme Blocksy Pro, Plugin Cwicly latest version

Most likely user error.
Did you set a position to your inner div?
Any live site available?

I guess your are right…I did not set any positions for the inner divs, testsite ist: Futur Zwo - (digital) Transformation - Herbert von Kaufmann

I think the issue is your block structure (HTML).
You could re-arrange your blocks or apply the clip path as a pseudo element to not clip/crop the child blocks.

Not sure if clip-path is even something you want to apply here, why not using a tilt separator instead?

That was the right hint!

But tilt is only showing within the editor, outside the tilt is not show

You can try to apply a position of relative to the div where you added the separator.
The separator itself is an absolute positioned direct child, so it’s required to position its parent relatively.

I think the default block position inside the editor is relative, so there might be some discrepancies here and there.

got it, great, many thanks!

Hi @FZwo,

As @Marius said, unfortunately Gutenberg adds a relative position to every block element.
So if you use an absolute position, be sure its parent is positioned relatively.

Moving this to General as it isn’t a bug.

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I think what misled me, was your shape example selected from your library (screenshot)

, as that was made by a clipping, instead using the now solution with a tilt separator