Is there a chance that Cwicly becomes open source?

Hi @Louis ,

like many people here, I love Cwicly and was one of the first users when it was launched. So I was all the more shocked when I realised that Cwicly was to be discontinued. I was forced to look at other page builders, only to realize that none of them are anywhere near as flexible as Cwicly.

I have therefore decided not to switch to another page builder and am now seriously considering three options:

  1. stop building websites completely
  2. continue building websites with Cwicly at the risk of Cwicly becoming outdated in terms of new features
  3. build my own Tailwind-based page builder
    None of the options are very attractive, so I wanted to ask if you have thought about making Cwicly open source to allow further development by the community.

Of course, I know and understand that your business model would be ad-absurdum if you decided to continue Cwicly one day, and I’m the last person who wouldn’t be in favour of a sustainable business model. But since I don’t get the impression that you are considering this (please correct me if I’m wrong) and I personally think Cwicly is too good to disappear from the scene in the long run, I would be very happy if you would consider this option.

Where do you stand on this option? Looking forward to your reply!

Best regards


I completely agree with you, should be open source, I don’t know myself how to code a plug-in like this but I know this was the best plug-in for Guthemberg.

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