Is it possible to load template based on URL parameter?


I have started testing Cwicly template visibility/conditions today. It is something which I am missing in Bricks. At times client have requested me a special Christmas look for their site. It’s easy to load a different template just for the Christmas week with Cwicly template conditions.

  1. I also wish to do some A/B testing or load different template based on the url. For example:-

Template A loads if the url is ttps://

Template B loads if the url is ttps://

  1. Is there a easy way to duplicate conditions? May be a duplicate button.

  2. PHP return function in the conditions.


The task is completed and I want to thank @Louis and his team. I’m not sure in which version it was included, but loading based on URL parameters is very useful.



  1. It would be great if you could add a PHP return function and custom field condition to the template conditions. I am aware that there is a shortcode option available and I could use that, but it would be more convenient if the condition was added. This would save time as I wouldn’t have to create a shortcode for all the existing functions in my custom code or custom fields.

Breakdance example:

  1. Make the condition operators more readable by using words instead of symbols. Use phrases like “not less than,” “not equal to,” or “greater than” for better consistency and ease of readability for new users.


  1. Can the custom field condition in template conditions also have an inserter like Breakdance or Cwicly dynamic data inserter? It would make it easier for new users.

All these changes will save time!

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Hi @anon32808828,

I can only adhere to all the points you’ve brought up and this is on our to-dos.
I do like the fact that you can add PHP written conditions directly from the editor.