Integrate Rankmath SEO

Dear admin

I send video. You can see cwicly blocks are incompatible with rankmath. when replaced by default wordpress blocks rankmath works fine.

Thank you !

Hello @NHViet,

I allowed myself to change the title and move this post to Feature Requests as it isn’t really a bug.

We have started RankMath integration in
Please let me know if this helps when using the plugin.



Dear Louis

Thank you. I will wait for the update !

Dear Louis

I have updated and tested it works fine.

Close topic, thank you !

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That’s awesome! Been meaning to ask about your SEO roadmap & RankMath specifically.

Just installed the update & the RankMath widget is now back to telling me how crap my content is! Good work :smiley:

Dear Louis

There is a small bug in the button block. The link in the button block is not updated by rankmath seo and do not counted as internal/external link

Thank you !

@Louis Can we please also have The SEO Framework (TSF) integration?

It’s a high quality plugin and I really enjoy it’s auto generation of meta descriptions.

I seemed to be a little naive. I was thinking that RankMath would naturally work seamlessly as we edit our site using Cwicly in Gutenberg.

Glad to see this feature is “In Progress”.

Moving this to “Done” as with 1.2.7 Rankmath should be able to take full advantage of the native rendering process.

If you experience an issue or have suggestions relating to this, please let us know by replying to this thread.



Hi @Louis,
I have a situation with Rankmath detection for image alt text.

I already added a focus keyword to the image “alt text”. But Rankmath didn’t detect that.

As shown on the screenshot, I have a focus keyword “copier” in the alt text.

But, the Rankmath still shows no focus keyword as alt text detected.

Not sure if I should report to Cwicly or Rankmath.

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Hello @jornes,

Sorry for not replying to your post about this in the other thread.

This must be related to the fact that we dynamically retrieve the alt text on the frontend (you can then modify the alt info from the media page without having to re-save specific posts that contain that image).

Definitely related to Cwicly, but necessary since it would otherwise render your content stale. I’ll look into this when I have a moment.

Thanks for bringing it up!


Hi @Louis

It’s okay. You might have been overlooking it.

Thank you for confirming this issue!

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Just troubleshooting my SEO (using TSF) a bit…is there anything missing I need to have integrated to make it work properly?

Not really. I will check and get back to you soon.