Inspector number input shortcuts to increase/decrease value by larger amount


Using UP and DOWN keys to increase/decrease number values in inspector input fields is sometimes a bit tedious with large numbers, like width in pixels.

Some shortcut like SHIFT+UP and SHIFT+DOWN could help by increasing/decreasing numbers by ten, for instance.

NOTE: I guess that according to unit, there should be different normal and large amounts:

  • pixel/percentage/vw/vh: 1 - 10
  • rem/em/ch/cm: 0.1 - 1

Great suggestion.
Considered it so many times to post it here myself.
I daily use it inside the browser tools.

Maybe a universal shortcut that in-/decreases the 0.1 - 1 units by 1 and the 1 - 10 units by 10?

I think @yankiara described it perfectly.

If there would be one additional wish I had in that regard, in addition to the numeral value scrubbing.

I’d love to see the possibility to change values by hovering the input with the cursor and manipulate them with the mouse wheel or trackpad gesture.
This, in combination with the here suggested shortcut would be so amazing.

Thanks man!

That would definitely improve number inputs :pray:


UP, please vote for different increments and mouse wheel increment :pray: