Inline CSS gets added to blocks (randomly?)

Sometimes, the transform property (more specifically the translate value) doesn’t get reflected inside the editor.

The reason:


After refreshing the page, it’s working again.
Not sure what this is causing and if it is a bug or not.
Maybe there is some explanation.


I also found this CSS applied to an img tag, preventing custom z-index to work…

Thanks for confirming that it’s not only me.
There are also other CSS variations from what I posted above.
Sometimes, it even prevents me clicking blocks on the canvas.

Again, refreshing has always been worked.
Turned this into a bug report and tweaked the title, as this needs to be investigated.

Hi @Marius,

Apologies for not reacting to this.
Could you possibly give me a more precise pathway to reproduce it? I can’t quite imagine where we’re adding these inline styles.


Sorry for the lack of info in this case @Louis.
Initially, I wasn’t sure if it’s a bug, so I quickly threw something in.

Will update with hopefully more info and context , as soon as I’m facing it again.

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