In need of real indepth tutorial of the Query/Filter blocks using custom post type, custom taxonomies and ACF

Dear Cwicly team and community,

I have been spending 3 days trying to make the query and filter blocks work for a custom post type filtering through custom taxonomies and ACF fields, all with mainly no luck!
I was sometimes arriving close but never managed to make it work. Often even running into unresponsive pages on the front end.

Also, I have been trying to find ways to register Query classes in order to get something like provided by Woocommerce in @Louis live video about the filter blocks, thinking that might help using the query block. But I am not sure how to do so. If anybody knows a good resource for that, I am all hears!

Anyway, not sure where I get the logic wrong but I think we are quite a few in need of real explanation of the logic and best implementation of the Query/Filter blocks with real life examples that are not WooCommerce ones.

Sorry if it sounds too basic, I have been following a lot of ressources regarding the WP_Query , WP_Meta_Query etc… but I still haven’t been able to achieve any working solution.

Thank you in advance!!

@weedor @Gary and anyone else in need of a simple tutorial of the Query/filter blocks using post and category
Louis made one here

I detailed the problem I am facing in another thread.


I am always found of tutos of Cwicly!

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