In need of real indepth tutorial of the Query/Filter blocks using custom post type, custom taxonomies and ACF

Dear Cwicly team and community,

I have been spending 3 days trying to make the query and filter blocks work for a custom post type filtering through custom taxonomies and ACF fields, all with mainly no luck!
I was sometimes arriving close but never managed to make it work. Often even running into unresponsive pages on the front end.

Also, I have been trying to find ways to register Query classes in order to get something like provided by Woocommerce in @Louis live video about the filter blocks, thinking that might help using the query block. But I am not sure how to do so. If anybody knows a good resource for that, I am all hears!

Anyway, not sure where I get the logic wrong but I think we are quite a few in need of real explanation of the logic and best implementation of the Query/Filter blocks with real life examples that are not WooCommerce ones.

Sorry if it sounds too basic, I have been following a lot of ressources regarding the WP_Query , WP_Meta_Query etc… but I still haven’t been able to achieve any working solution.

Thank you in advance!!

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@weedor @Gary and anyone else in need of a simple tutorial of the Query/filter blocks using post and category
Louis made one here

I detailed the problem I am facing in another thread.


I am always found of tutos of Cwicly!

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This request is a few months old, but this is still lacking, in my opinion.

The Filter block deserves a LOT more explanation. We need more documentation, tutorials, how-tos. Clearly it is extremely powerful, but I can’t get it to do all the things that Louis has demoed in his original video. I just don’t know how. Currently, I’ve tried on a number of occasions, but cannot get a range slider to work for my project. All the (very few) references are Woocommerce applications, which is not what I need.

Having all the features, but not knowing how to use them is frustrating. Please, we need more documentation on this.


Hi @owynter,

Sorry to hear about this.

We will try to provide more thorough documentation on filtering as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I would be more than happy to provide a short video on setting up a range slider.
What application would you like to see it in?

Thank you in advance.

Thanks for offering. I am simply using ACF fields, so I need to be able to do range sliders for Meta Queries. But this has proven difficult. In my application, it is for a price field.

Beyond that, I would like to know how to create filters for ordering by Meta Query eg. order by price: high-low, order by bedrooms: high-low, etc. I also want to be able to do a count (X items found). See below what I’m trying to create.

The other dropdowns are simple enough, but I need help with the ones I have mentioned above.

I’m sure many others struggle with them, and I would love to do tutorials, but I simply don’t know how.


Hi there @owynter,

What is proving to be difficult exactly?
Is it the query setup? The slider range setup?

The custom meta key ordering is not currently implemented with the Filter as it requires a bit more logic which we’re still working on.

Thanks for clearing it up.
Araminta’s video helped greatly, and I’m able to get the range slider working. I did add a couple of issues I am now experiencing when it comes to adding larger steps to the slider. I’ve included a video showing the issue.

You can also check my implementation here.

How do we add the Post Count filter? Or is this not currently possible either?

As I’ve been experimenting with the filters more and more, it’s starting to make sense, after many hours or testing.

The “User Selection” option seems promising. Could this logic be used to return the Post count as I was asking above?