Improve new section block default style

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The new section block container div is set to display: flex by default, which is a regression compared to old section in my opinion (which was unset, so block, like a default div).

Flex display messes with content vertical flow because it prevents items vertical margins collapsing.

It is all the more annoying that we can’t change the display in the section global settings, so we have to manually set display block for every section container or reset them with some CSS:


Hello @yankiara,

Thank you for your comments, definitely some valid points.

I think we can leave the huffing and puffing until the Section rework is fully anchored in and optimised to fit users’ requests.

Until then, I suggest:

I will add:

In the meantime, if other users want to share their opinion, please don’t hesitate. It’ll help us propose the best compromise throughout.

Thanks as always.


Well, I’m starting a new site with Cwicly, and I don’t want to start with deprecated feature. This is not a problem of backward compatiblity.

Anyway, another issue with default flex: default alignement is stretch, so all images are stretched by default, which is not wanted:

More generally, I think such basic elements as sections should be as neutral as possible by default and shouldn’t require a manual reset to properly work.

My first thought is for clients who add sections to their pages or posts to separate parts of their content. They shouldn’t have to add a class or manually reset display properties, and they actually don’t have a clue of what CSS classes or display are :wink:

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Perfect points, @yankiara.

Difficulty here for us is we’ve been constantly got at, for the last two years, about the fact that our Section block didn’t have flex column set by default…
This was the occasion to do so.

We’ll be adding display properties to the Global Styles block defaults as well as this in the next update:



Regardless of my personal preference in terms of the section block, I can just agree with what @yankiara stated.

Custom block defaults are amazing, one should take advantage of it.

Indeed this is awesome!

@Louis, an exception to my neutral preference would be the 90% default width for the container, which is nice to prevent content reaching the edges of the window :wink:
I guess everyone needs space around the content (either horizontal padding or a limited width), so a nice standard default seems OK to me.

I correct myself because default width for container might not be the best solution.

Before using Cwicly, I always used horizontal and vertical padding on the section external wrapper, and nothing on the inner container div. It has always seemed more consistent to set the spaces on the wrapper.

For instance, I prefer padding: XXX 5% on the section instead of padding: XXX 0 on the section and width: 90% on the container or both padding: XXX 0 and width: 90% on the container.
More logical and more clean/concise.

So, I’m not sure which default should be included, it might a question of taste :rofl:

@Louis Instead of using a toggle in the settings to remove the container block defaults, this might be a more elegant solution?