[IGNORE: Hosting] Global stylesheets and classes broken

Cwicly Plugin version:

EDIT: I suspect hosting issue… Waiting for hosting support.


I have a big issue on a work in progress that I need to present tomorrow to my client, without recent backup, and I need help.

  1. My stylesheets and global classes won’t load anymore on frontend:


  1. Global classes won’t regenerate:

  1. There is an error in the console while saving a post:


Everything seems to work correctly inside the editor (stylesheets and global classes OK), but whole frontend is almost totally unstyled because of missing stylesheets and global classes.

I deactivated everything but Cwicly, emptied uploads/cwicly folder, regenerated everything else, cleared caches… in vain.

Has anyone encounter this?


(Message sent to support.)

most likely waf, modsecurity rule