How will Cwicly's Tailwind integration work with external Tailwind plug-ins?

Hi @Louis,

i’m eagerly awaiting the Cwicly-Tailwind integration, which is why I’ve started writing my own Tailwind plugin for my SCSS tools.

However, the question now arose as to whether the integration can handle tailwind plugins at all.

With the Winden plugin you can use external tailwind plugins via or

The problem is, my own Tailwind plug-in has to be uploaded there first, which is all new territory for me, just like npm packages.

I also don’t want to release my plug-in to the whole world straight away.

It would be perfect if Cwicly offered an easy way to deliver your own Tailwind plugin using a Cwicly child theme with the Tailwind integration.

Another approach would be to make your own Tailwind plugin available online using the Cloud Design Library.

With these two solutions, you could save yourself the diversions via,, and the like.

The question is, of course, whether this is all so easy. Unfortunately, I don’t have the experience in these things.

So I’m all the more looking forward to your answer and the answers from the community.

Hey @Reasion.

I recommend watching this bit of the latest live.
Might answer some of your questions.


I think the devs said to start with the integration will only include the 4 ‘official’ plugins - so typography, aspect ratio, forms and container queries


Hi I am new here and I dont write code, but I am comfortable generating it and understand the basics. I am rebuilding my site now, and am curious if Tailwind is something that will help me with Cwicly… or is it more for developers who write code? I am doing some research but not sure exactly what it does and how it will work with Cwicly. Wondering if it will be worth it for me to attend this webinar?

We’ll know in a couple of days @ShannaKae.

1.4 - Tailwind - First look - Announcements - Cwicly

From what I’ve seen so far, thanks to its deep integration, you don’t need to know too much about TW to use it for general page building.
For basic sites, I presume no knowledge is required at all.

Thanks for your reply!