How (where) to enter a title attribute?

I would like to title (eg on mouse over) links (Text, Button, Image and so on). Where do I enter the text for a title attribute?

Block Inspector > Advanced Tab > Attributes :+1:


Need more help with this - what do I have to enter? I would like to achieve something like this:

<a title="This link will bring you somewhere" href="https://url/somewhere"...

Links you generally control from the Primary tab:

Attributes, you are entering in the following way:

Screenshot 2022-07-20 203328

Personally, I think the title attribute could find its way inside the link wrapper modal, as suggested here:

Link Wrapper Options - Feature Requests - Cwicly


Ok, got it. Thank you!

That would be a nice improvement.
What’s funny is that we’ll blink and they just go ahead and add the feature. Easy-peasy.

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Hi @Mario,

This was added to the Link modal with