How to use relative path to images?

How to force Cwicly to use relative path to images instead of full url?

Now creating a new website version on a different domain. When site will be ready, then domain will be switched to How to fix all the paths in a quick way after the switching or how to set Cwicly to use relative paths only?

If you don’t use a dedicated migration tool for this, one option is to use a database find and replace tool, for example:

If you do use this method, it is a very good idea to create a backup and follow the instructions carefully. :smile:

This is what I do not want to do. Use tools to replace something in DB. :slight_smile:

There are some plugins that do this although I can’t personally recommend any of them:

One we did use on a few sites until recently is:

We stopped using this because of conflicts with this and some other plugins.

why not, i use it all the time when migrating domains. It’s fast and it always works for me.