How to use components with Queries

I have a card design that is perfect to become a component, the main issue is that it has a query block inside that displays a CPT testimonial that has a relationship with the rest of the information in the card. What I want is to keep the card component as is, and to be able to modify in each instance the posts to include in the query. I see that the field in the query includes the possibility to connect it’s content with a component property but I have tried and can’t seem to connect that to the post object in the relationship as I do when the card is not a component. Can someone please tell me which type of input should I use in the query editor so I can dynamically set the property with the relationship?


Connecting a property makes it act just as if you were entering directly. Theinclude parameter accepts post ids and expects post ids.

In your situation please use a dynamic source for the option.

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Thanks a lot Johnny. From this I now at least know the error is not in how I’m setting up but some place else. I will report when I’ve troubleshoot more, I have lots of ACFs, nested groups, relationships and a translation plugin running so any of them could have the glitch.

Hey @mariaarangokure did you ever figure this out? Is it possible to have a query inside of a component? If not have you found a workaround? Thanks @JohnD