How to share components between multiple developers

We are a development shop new to page builders. We often have multiple developers on their own development machines working on the same build. Our normal approach is to use git for version control and then go through a code review process/PR merge to pull in content from other devs. In the past we used ACF JSON or PHP to share ACF data structures.

Cwicly obviously requires a different approach since almost everything is developed and built in the database. We were drawn to Cwicly because of the private design library where we would be able to share elements internally. However, most of what we are building we would want to use as components. Since components are not compatible with the design library, what is the recommended workflow for teams like ours? Is it just to import/export components? Or should we be working on a shared remote development machine? Or is there a different method?

Hi @jkirrane,

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Indeed, currently Components are not yet supported in the Cloud Design Library.
Rest assured, we plan to implement this possibility in the future.

For the moment, yes, importing/exporting components would be the solution.
You can export one specific component, or all of them:

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any more questions.