How to query from outsourced ACF relation?

I have some posts as CPT UI (Users). I also have a page named MySettings, which includes an ACF Relation field (testrel) that only lets users be selected. This ACF testrel field has two users out of the Users selected.

Now on a seperate page (SelectedUsers) I would like to display the users, that are selected on the MySettings page (user 2 & user 4). I created a query, that would display all users by selecting the Users Post Type.


This works fine, all 6 users are displayed. How would I filter/select only the two Users that are placed in the ACF relationship?

Hi, just had the same question again :sweat_smile:

To simplefy, I ask this question with the DALE reference ^^

In the DALE: Display A Single Post With A Themer Custom Template post, I discribed how to filter the Locations of each Doctor.

Now I would like to do the same with the Doctors. I could add a ACF Group to the “Doctor” page and this would work fine. But I would like to outsource this Task.

The ACF Group:

So, for example I add the ACF group to the “Doctors” page, I can display the selected Doctors with these query settings.

But if I now place the ACF group in, for example the page “Home”, how would I access that ACF Relation from the page “Doctors”?