How to make footer stick to bottom?

I have been unable to figure out how I can make the footer stick to the bottom of the screen even on pages that have little to no content, does anyone know how to accomplish this?

That depends on your general HTML structure.
There are quite a few techniques.

I am just using the Cwicly editor and making changes to the default index page. I do not think that I have made any changes to HTML.

Since there are many possibilities how to put your pages together, as mentioned, it always depends.
Any live site or screenshot of your structure from the browser dev tools?

Oh sorry, you can check the livesite here:

on a side note… I cant recall what settings I used to make the menu up top look spaced the way it is

You can try the following approach:

Text form:

  .wp-site-blocks {
    min-height: 100vh;
    display: flex;
    flex-direction: column;

Now, you can add either a rule to your section block or your footer block.

Option #1:

Option #2:

Text form:

  footer {
    margin-top: auto;

Let me know if it helps.

Where do I find the custom code snippet box?

Cwicly options in the back-end.

Thank you,

neither option appeared to have any effect.

I think that the menu design is broken… I cannot replicate my header, which I think was done before the recent update of the plugin. Please see the attached gif. I want to space the menu options out, similar to my header. However, the flex space between options and other options appears to do nothing.

It should.

See here.

Thanks! I had to add it to a section block because the footer block wouldn’t allow me to add the CSS to it. Probably because it is not a cwicly block. Also it did not update in the cwicly view even after saving but the site looks correct when I open it up.