How to lookup virtual classes which are attached

Is there any way one can investigate the code of a specific virtual class? e.g. from imported templates, there are some section having several virtual classes attached, but there is no way to find out what they are doing…and, if I want a virtual class from the dropdown list, how to know what I am picking up?

Same I guess is for global classes, and the overall management of classes

Keeping track of the source (block class) of a virtual class is planned.

The virtual class dropdown list only makes sense when you named your classes properly. But that should be clear and isn’t something related to Cwicly directly.

Otherwise, copy a block class from a block and paste it as a virtual class on another block makes more sense.

Can you elaborate on this?
I recently pointed out the possibility of some filter functionality inside the dropdown.
Is this something or similar you are referring to?

That’s not very straight forward, copying and see what happens. Better would be to just show the css a class is applying.

With respect to global classes, filtering option in addition might help

Still, that would require to expose the original block class.
We have to be patient here, but it has been mentioned a couple of times that this is definitely something we can expect in the future.

The Quick Code functionality will be extended to global classes, relative styles, etc.
Pseudo states are already supported, I think.

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@FZwo this is now available with the latest version.
You even can edit the code directly from the virtual class, which is huge.

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Not sure I got it, what exactly means "(right-click context menu)?

And editing, you mean this?:

These are Relative Styling items, right?
Test the right click on an actual virtual block class, they have a purple color.
Then you also will see what “editing” means.

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got it, still learning