How to list taxonomies in a post

I 'd like to know how to list a post taxonomies?

The taxonomy terms block doesn’t seems to be done for that, and a paragraph block, with “post tag” as dynamic source gives just one taxonomy, the first one, and if I add a link wrapper it links to the homepage.

So, where is my mistake?

This seems to have gone unnoticed. It’s a problem I am having as well.

@Louis , any suggestions?

Hi @owynter,

Thanks for reviving this one.
I’m not sure why this wasn’t followed up.
There is a confusion in the original post about whether @Ombres-et-lumieres wants to query Taxonomies or Terms (it seems to be the latter).
This is a perfect fit for the Taxonomy Terms block which does have a dynamic link property to allow you to redirect to the terms archive pages.

@owynter, are you wanting to query Taxonomies or their Terms?

I want to query the terms in the tax.

Let’s walk through it:
I have a real estate listings site. Each property listing has a number of custom taxonomies. Example, here we have “Property Features”:

Which ends up being a long list the realtor can easily check.

I want to print this on the listings page. Currently, using the Tax Terms block can do this for a related property grid that’s on the same single property template:

I have a section for Property Features for the single property listing which I’ve just copy-pasted the same Tax Terms Block that works in the Query template grid:

It returns nothing on the front-end:

Here’s a sample listing to give you a better idea: Villa Adagio – Little Harbour Hilltop – Island Dream Properties

Tax terms returned in RED for ease of identification. Not all listings have terms.

Hi @owynter,

Thanks for the detailed overview.
Could I possibly have temporary access to the installation to see what’s going wrong?
If yes, could you send the info to

If not, I’ll guide you through a few more steps if you have time.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the inconvenience.