How to list taxonomies in a post

I 'd like to know how to list a post taxonomies?

The taxonomy terms block doesn’t seems to be done for that, and a paragraph block, with “post tag” as dynamic source gives just one taxonomy, the first one, and if I add a link wrapper it links to the homepage.

So, where is my mistake?

This seems to have gone unnoticed. It’s a problem I am having as well.

@Louis , any suggestions?

Hi @owynter,

Thanks for reviving this one.
I’m not sure why this wasn’t followed up.
There is a confusion in the original post about whether @Ombres-et-lumieres wants to query Taxonomies or Terms (it seems to be the latter).
This is a perfect fit for the Taxonomy Terms block which does have a dynamic link property to allow you to redirect to the terms archive pages.

@owynter, are you wanting to query Taxonomies or their Terms?

I want to query the terms in the tax.

Let’s walk through it:
I have a real estate listings site. Each property listing has a number of custom taxonomies. Example, here we have “Property Features”:

Which ends up being a long list the realtor can easily check.

I want to print this on the listings page. Currently, using the Tax Terms block can do this for a related property grid that’s on the same single property template:

I have a section for Property Features for the single property listing which I’ve just copy-pasted the same Tax Terms Block that works in the Query template grid:

It returns nothing on the front-end:

Here’s a sample listing to give you a better idea: Villa Adagio – Little Harbour Hilltop – Island Dream Properties

Tax terms returned in RED for ease of identification. Not all listings have terms.

Hi @owynter,

Thanks for the detailed overview.
Could I possibly have temporary access to the installation to see what’s going wrong?
If yes, could you send the info to

If not, I’ll guide you through a few more steps if you have time.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the inconvenience.

@Ombres-et-lumieres You should move this to General/Feedback from Tips category.

Is there any update? I’ve also problems displaying taxonomy terms on a post page.

Which problem are you experiencing?
I have been using the Taxonomy Terms without problem

And sometimes I will just create a function when I want the terms to be part of a sentence.

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Hi @JuGa,
now it somehow works even though I think I did nothing different. It was the case that the Taxonomy Terms displayed a list of all terms whether related to the post or not. So even a post without any Term had the list of all of them. But now it works like I expected it to :+1:
Thanks for your response! Your activity here is unreal. :slight_smile:

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Ok I was wrong. It still does not work.

So lets say I have a custom post type “Books” and for that I use multiple custom taxonomies like “Genre” and “Type”. On the book post page I want to display the terms of each taxonomy separately. So I want a heading like “Genre” and below the genre that was assigned to the book. When I use the Taxonomy Terms I have the source set to “Current”. How can I now make sure that only the “Genre” will be displayed?
I don’t get it.

I achieved it now with a query block. The Taxonomy Terms block remains a mystery for me^^

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Under Current, there is an exclude field
there you can add the taxonomies you don’t want to display
did you try that?
It works on my side.

And with the various options available in the dynamic data you can even populate your label heading dynamically.

I hope you’ll get to make it work :crossed_fingers:

The exclusion does not work because you can’t exclude custom taxonomies. Only the default ones like ‘category’, ‘tag’ and ‘post type’.

Also the query block solution broke as well. When there is a post without a taxonomy selected the page breaks :smiley:

I am using custom taxonomies and can exclude them, they appear under the Taxonomies,
if not, maybe you need to check you custom taxonomies declarations.
About the fact that it would break if nothing is selected, is that a problem is there nothing to display anyway?

Well this is how the site looks when it breaks :smiley:

“there was a critical error on this website”

I now realized why I can’t select my custom taxonomies. In CPT you can select whether the taxonomy should be public or not. Since I have taxonomies that don’t need to be public I turned this off to see if everything works this way as well. And except for this instance where I would have to exclude rather then include I indeed have a problem because even though they are not public they will appear on the frontend.

Oups so well, breaking the site is not so good indeed, maybe you should report the exact context as a new bug ticket as this should certainly be addressed, glad you found out about how to display custom taxonomies in the Taxonomy block and sorry it still doesn’t work for you…

I think “Exclude” is poor UX. If I only need to list 1 Tax, I have to exclude ALL of the others. I would think “Include” would be more intuitive, and useful.